​The Dance Center of Severna Park

I Can Dance - Spring: March 7 - May 5

"As you can see, I am so thrilled I signed my daughter up for classes. It certainly was cute watching her dance, but the joy on her face when she got to “gallop” in her tap shoes toward the end of each session was priceless."

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"I Can Dance" classes on Macaroni Kid!

"I Can Dance" Ballet/Tap Classes

For 3 year olds & 4 year olds with birthdays after 9/1

A one hour class that is introductory in nature, teaching the basic elements of Ballet and Tap. Classes will be held in sessions throughout the year (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer). Class content will vary by session. Each session is 8 weeks long. 

*Children should be potty trained and must be 3 years old prior to the start of the class. 

I Can Dance - Winter: January 3 - February 24
I Can Dance - Fall: September 20 - November 11